We are excited to announce DurJam, a fully-online game jam!

DurJam is a 96-hour online game jam by Durham CompSoc from 26th to 30th August 2020. Students of all ages from around the world are welcome to participate!

Work together in teams of up to five to create, develop, and innovate and rapidly develop a game! You're welcome to make any style of game you wish (RPG, adventure, etc.), but specific prizes will be available too.

We're providing a prompt: make a game involving shrinking resources, although you are welcome to submit games outside this theme!

We can't wait to see what you make!

Learn more at durj.am.


DurJam is open to hackers around the globe who are current students or have graduated in the last year.

Teams of size 1–5 are allowed – beyond this, you may not be eligible for prizes!


You can only submit work completed within the permitted hours of DurJam.

Each team must submit a demo video up to 3 minutes in length.

Submissions must either be (a) games, or (b) incorporate a game element in some way.

Please submit your game executable and code, either through a public GitHub repository or by uploading it, to assist with judging.


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- $100 from Bitgem
- Construct 3 Individual license per team member
- Bitgem Student Unlimited Pass


- BBC micro:bit per team member


- RGB Strip Lights per team member

Best User Experience

- Razer Mousemat per team member

Funniest Game

- Fortnite beanie per team member

Funniest Game Runner-Up

- A tin of beans per team member

Best AR/VR application using the echoAR platform

- $50 Amazon voucher to the winning team. Must use the echoAR platform.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


CompSoc Team

CompSoc Team

Alon Grinshpoon

Alon Grinshpoon
CEO and Founder of echoAR

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    How technically impressive was the hack? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly clever technique or did it use many different components? Did the technology involved make you go "wow"?
  • Design
    Did the team put thought into the ease of use? How well designed is the interface? Is it easy to play or have a cool interface?
  • Completion
    Does the hack work? Did the team achieve everything they wanted?
  • Learning
    Did the team stretch themselves? Did they try to learn something new? What kind of projects have they worked on before?
  • Engagement
    How engaging is the user experience? DurJam is about creating something people will engage with; weird and wacky is encouraged!

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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